Improve Your Performance

We believe that five to ten years from now, cannabis will be recognized as having the ability to improve the human condition. It is or goal to bring this idea to the masses with the support of the medical community. To achieve this goal, Pro Grow Performance will be working directly with athletes to create a line of cannabis products that are used in the same way sports supplements are used. To obtain the greatest improvement in performance, cannabis must be used in a responsible way. Ingesting 10 – ­20mg of THCs and CBDs 30 minutes before a workout will give the greatest boost in athletic performance. Using our massage oil on sore and injured muscles is a great way to relieve inflammation and pain. Lastly, our vaporizer pens should be utilized after workouts for pain relief. Vaporizing or smoking cannabis has very little effect on athletic performance but can be a great tool for soreness after strenuous workouts.

Energy Shot

Our 1:1 THC to CB ratio makes our energy shot enjoyable to drink, refreshing, and one of the healthiest products on the market! Our juice is made using extreme atmospheric pressure to avoid pasturization. This guarantees retention of important vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be lost during the process.


Our all natural, cannabis capsules are coconut oil based, vegan, and come in several variations of CBD and THC. Our capsules are easy to swallow, and are an anti-inflammatory aid that can soothe problems associated with muscle, nerve, and joint pain.

Massage Oil

Our all natural, cannabis infused massage oil is made from a blend of sweet almond, apricot kernel, olive and sesame oils. With the added benefits of St. John’s Wart and Arnica, our massage oil is an anti-inflammatory aid that can soothe problems associated with muscle, nerve, and joint pain.



All of our products contain natural ingredients and we are woking hard to become 100% organic.


We put great emphasis on making sure our products taste great, to satisfy everyone from an occasional recreational user to more “core” consumers. Our pens are flavored with natural fruit terpens to give the user an enjoyable experience without the flavor of cannabis. Cannabis flavored pens are also available for those who enjoy the taste.

About Us

Pro Grow Performance was created with the idea that cannabis, when consumed correctly, can improve the performance of human beings.

With the addition of CBDs and our distillation process, we bring you the purest, healthiest, most refined cannabis extract. Many different studies are currently being conducted to show how cannabis affects athletic performance. With recreational cannabis becoming more prevalent, many athletes are coming forward to detail their experiences training on cannabis. We are currently working with a Harvard­ educated doctor to show that the addition of high CBDs will increase red blood cell production and oxygenate blood. This natural effect is great for any athlete using cannabis as a training tool.